When Stock Magnetic Mounts Won’t Do

The “mag-mount” is an effective solution for temporary antenna installations on vehicles. Typically they have a 3 to 5 inch base with an NMO antenna mount and 12 to 17 feet of coax cable with several connector options.

But what do you do when you need a longer cable or a higher spec cable?

Mobile Trends MOBMAGC is the “mag-mount” DIY solution. At roughly 3.25″ it gets the job done for most VHF and UHF antennas. The nominal 0.75″ hole accepts an industry-standard NMO mount. The side hole is intended for RG58 (MOB58) or LMR195 (MOB195) cable. The NMO mount, cable, and end connector are not included with the magnet.

Pick the parts you need

Magnet BaseMOBMAGC
Antenna Mount
— NMO 1254
Cable(common cables)
— RG58A/U stranded coreMOB58A/U
— RG58U solid coreMOB58U
— LMR195MOB195
Connector(crimp connectors for
above cables)
— BNC MaleB-1106-2
— BNC FemaleB-1123-1
— FME Male23-07F-2-TGN
— FME Female23-02F-5-DGN
— MPL Male attached pinU-600-1
— MPL Male loose pinU-600-2
— MPL FemaleU-601-1
— N MaleN-1005-2N
— N FemaleN-1027
— SMA MaleA-3000-1B
— SMA FemaleA-3050-C
— TNC MaleT-1202-2
—TNC FemaleT-1216-1
— UHF Male (PL259)U-505
— UHF Female (SO259)U-527


(Bottom adhesive pad not shown for clarity)