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Mobile Antenna Gain – Part 1

When choosing a mobile antenna, is more gain better? Maybe, though practically, radiation efficiency and radiation pattern are probably more important. But this is about antenna gain. Let’s start with ISED regulations in SRSP-500 6.3 Radiated Power Limits 6.3.1 Mobile Systems Normally, the maximum power for base stations shall be 125 watts Effective Radiated Power (ERP) and 30 watts ERP for mobile stations. However, in all cases, the ERP shall be limited to that which […]

ICT Site DC Power Systems

We were going to do a write up on DC Power System design concepts but Innovative Circuit Technology, ICT, has already done it for you. We have shamelessly linked directly to their document. To be fair, we do sell other site power solutions as well but when it comes to a comphrensive package complete with distribution and monitoring, ICT has you covered.

ICT Power Supply & Cover Combination Recommendations

In early 2020, ICT (Innovative Circuit Technology Ltd.) introduced their “New Generation Comm Series” power supplies and associated mobile radio covers. The change streamlined the product line and simplified inventory demands. The chart below should help clear up any lingering confusion over the transition from the old part numbers to the new ones. The information presented was extracted from the ICT website and their downloadable documents. Their version should always be considered the most accurate. […]

Automotive Manufacture’s Bulletins

The links provided here are for bulletins on vehicle manufacture’s websites that are pertinent to two-way radio installations in those vehicles. It is not comprehensive and may not represent the latest information available. The links and the information they point to are provided as convenience and Mobile Trends Communications accepts no responsibility for the veracity or reliability of the information provide. FORD SVE Bulletin (Special Vehicle Engineering – Body Builders Advisory Service) Q-221R1 – Attaching […]

Installing Antennas on Aluminum Body Vehicles

Installing antennas on vehicles with aluminum body panels presents a few challenges, including galvanic corrosion. One of the most common situations in the two-way radio world as of the writing of this post is installing a radio in Ford’s F-Series pick-ups, however other models and other manufactures also utilize the weight savings of aluminum. A least in the case of the F-Series pickups, there are solutions for fender mounts and magnetic mounts. For our purposes […]

When Stock Magnetic Mounts Won’t Do

The “mag-mount” is an effective solution for temporary antenna installations on vehicles. Typically they have a 3 to 5 inch base with an NMO antenna mount and 12 to 17 feet of coax cable with several connector options. But what do you do when you need a longer cable or a higher spec cable? Mobile Trends MOBMAGC is the “mag-mount” DIY solution. At roughly 3.25″ it gets the job done for most VHF and UHF […]

Low Profile Antennas on Electrical/SCADA Cabinets

Finding the best antenna and mounting arrangement for wireless / radio linked SCADA installation can take a bit of out of the box thinking, literally. While many installations required high gain directional antennas, often plant systems or small industrial complex systems either don’t need high gain antennas or physical limitations preclude them. For instance, a plant with primarily hardwired PLCs and sensor/control points may need to connect to a network of remote I/O, or environmental […]

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